The Weaving Dreams Project & Webs

Welcome to The Weaving Dreams Project! Welcome Home! Welcome to an ever-unfurling process of sultry coevolution, collective “becoming” and collaborative soul journey work!


“What small thing can we do to contribute to sustainable, transformational healing”?

“How can we contribute to holistic change in the world’?

The Weaving Dreams Project is a transnational network of solutionaries, in solidarity to each other, who are dedicated to the wellness and empowerment of our global community through supporting each others nonprofit projects and offering WD’s mentorships across borders.

We are a culture of collaboration focused on weaving transnational humanitarian projects that honor a transpersonal approach to holistic wellness and empowerment through the modalities of natural health education, socio-environmental advocacy and transformational arts.


Women’s Online Wellness & Empowerment Workshop: WEBS

Weaving Dreams Webs is an online facilitated workshop-lab for personal development, designing wellness practices, putting visions into authentic action plans and to support life affirming creative projects. This workshop offers transpersonal coaching for transitional and transformational moments in a woman’s life.

This is a 9-week empowerment journey, with weekly group, 2 hour 15 minute sessions, held online for women who want to develop a transnational community and network, seek a practical and spiritual environment for growth, and have a desire for guided “Rites of Passages”.

The sessions are taught in bilingual Spanish and English, they consist of transpersonal curriculum that use a cultural literacy methodology. The participants receive guidance on personal, spiritual, artistic, fitness & health and professional development, through the use of the following modalities: Transpersonal Studies& Transformational Life Coaching Techniques, Astrology (Natal Charts & Transits), Inquiry & Journaling, Group Discussion, Meditation and Hypnotherapy.

The groups are small and intimate so that every participant gets the attention they need as they go through the journey of working through various transpersonal exercise and projects. The Weaving Dreams team consists of wellness and empowerment assistant facilitators that are on-call to offer counseling and coaching throughout the workshop-lab. Offering coaching in their specializations (fitness, creativity, entrepreneurship women’s natural health guidance, etc.)

In Spring 2015… we launched our first workshop-lab. 20 women. 7 countries.