Sacred Expressions ~ Holiday Specials 2019!





Magic is Art ~ Art is Magic

“Art is the science of manipulating symbols, words, or images to achieve change in consciousness.” Alan Moore

A nurturing, empowering and creative wisdom circle with safe community!

Sacred Expressions Wisdom Circles are facilitated in workshop-lab style, with interactive class participation, transpersonal lectures, embodiment exercises and small group discussions. The workshop-lab curriculum focuses on the creative process that upholds shamanic principles and is dedicated to the wellness and empowerment of the individual and our global community. We will connect with deeper parts of ourselves, nourish the Spirit, honor divine desires and align with our core values that support ontological development and visionary leadership.

Scared Expressions mission is to honor the creative process and altered states of consciousness as powerful tools that help connect the individual with insightful transcendental energy that can offer transformative healing. Sacred Expressions uses an ontological and integrative coaching approach for holistic lifestyle design that supports the greater vision of our work.

Sacred Expressions Wisdom Circles explorative modalities include: meditation, journeywork, creative inquiry, embodiment exercises, transpersonal journaling, archetypal pedagogy and karmic astrology. Special guest speakers on wellness and empowerment topics sprinkled throughout series.


Sacred Expressions Workshops Coming Winter/Spring 2020! 


Sacred Expressions Online Lectures & Workshops Coming Spring 2020! 


Holiday Specials 2019!


Happy Holidays! Blessings for A Beautiful Solstice Season!

Specials can be purchased for Self-Gifting or as Gift Certificates for Loved Ones!

These specials can be bought through December 18th, and good through June 2020!

Lily: Karmic Soul Purpose Reading

Lily: Karmic Soul Purpose Reading This reading focuses on the interpretation of the “karmic” astrological aspects in the individual’s natal chart. Preparing for the New Year through understanding individual chart themes of “past lives” and bringing compassionate understanding in order to transform patterns. 30min = $45.00


Rose: Natal Chart Reading

Rose is a natal chart reading that is fun, dynamic and focuses on identifying the individual’s life visions, connection to core values and relationship dynamics through exploring astrological natal aspect interpretation. 60min = $85.00


Lotus: Extended Natal Chart Reading

Lotus: Extended Natal Chart Reading An astrological reading that integrates karmic, natal aspect interpretation and major transits for the New Year. Lotus is a nurturing, soulful session facilitating the connection between self-knowledge and personal development. These sessions are grounding, clarifying and support the alignment of goals to reflect core values. 75min = $100.00


Gift Certificates are available upon request. lily-holiday-gift-certificate-2019