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Psycho-Spiritual Counseling – Integrative Coaching14850_10200552204514143_1595575936_n

Karmic & Mythic Astrology / Ontological Development / Holistic Lifestyle Design
Health ~ Relationships ~ Career
Psycho-spiritual Counseling / Integrative Coaching fuses archetypal pedagogy, astrology, tarotology and channeling focusing on ontological development.
New Client Consultation:  $200.00 (90 minutes)
Regular Session: $175.00 (75 minutes)
Package of (4) $550.00
Mini Session: $75.00 (30 minutes/ (3) questions)
Senior/ Student Discount: 15%
Body Alchemy
“Spiritualizing of the Corporeal, Corporealization of the Spiritual.”
Movement Arts Therapy / Integrative Bodywork / Natural Health Counseling
Yoga ~ Sultry Evolution Dance ~ Pilates
Body Alchemy fuses movement arts focuses on optimal health, fitness and creative expression.
Integrating movement arts and yoga for a profoundly healing communication between physical body and heart wisdom, as well as an anchor for deep renewal.
Gitana’s classes and one-on-one sessions are creative, restorative, strengthening and healing. Using music as a portal, her approach to all movement practices is innovative and interdisciplinary. She infuses discipline and practice with spirited warmth, joyful creativity and deep caring.
Regular Session: 1hr = $75.00
Group Classes: 1hr 15mins = $20.00 Drop-In (packages available)
Online Classes: 1hr 15mins = $10.00 Drop-In (packages available)
Senior/ Student Discount: 15%

Regular Session

75 minutes



Drop In Class: Liquid or PiYo

60 mins/1hr 15 mins



You choose a heartfelt donation. Contact me for payment options.

 “I provide a sacred environment to integrate our physical experiences with our spiritual perceptions of our world. At the core of my work is a passionate reverence for honoring the unified embodiment of our visceral wisdom and our personal cosmologies.” 
Gitana, La Bohemia
Sliding scale and reduced rates available case by case.
Monthly Community Classes by Donation Available
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“Making healing and education accessible to all demographics.” 
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Weekly Homework / Group Channeling / Daily Updates
Sacred Expressions: Mentorship Program 2023! 
“The Keys to Self-Emancipation, Lie Within”
The Light Within by Christophe Lautrette

6 Month Mentorship 

(1) session per week:

$2750.00 / paid in full (not including New Client Consultation)

1) Monthly Payment Plan Available

2) Limited Spots

3) June through December

4) Available on Online

Mentorship Consists of:

~In-Depth Natal Chart Interpretation

~Basic Astrology

Mythic Astrology / Karmic Astrology

~Mythological Archetypes in Women’s Lives

~Developing A Personalized Spiritual Discipline & Practice

~Identifying Core Values, Authentic Self & Self-Defense Mechanisms

(1) Elective Choice

~ The Arrow & The Shield: Support developing personal business/ creative project, connecting to purpose and creating action plans to meet goals.

~ Eros & The Limbs of Venus: Is dedicated to all things beauty, sensual and Venusian for women’s personal and sexual empowerment. (relationship support, embodied sensuality, embracing natural beauty & expressing unique artistry)

~ The Raven & The Owl: In depth study of Ritual & Ceremony, the Sacred Calendar, Tarot Archetypes, Shadow work and intuitive development (4 psychic centers) as transformational healing tools.

~ Ariadne’s Thread: A Combination of the above based on initial co-interview, assessing what would be the best path for personal development at this time.

Reading List

Weekly Assignments & Embodiment Exercises

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Mentorship Program Paid in Full


New Client Consultation

90 minutes


Regular Session

75 minutes


Package of 4

75 Minutes


Mini Session

30 Minutes / (3) Questions