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Happy Wombing Season!

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Original Art Work by Christophe Lautrette. The Goddess Archetype Series captures the power, beauty, strength, wisdom and grace of the feminine expression throughout the mystical ages. Available in 12×18 prints.

(1) 12X18 Print: Archer or The Light Within or Desert Warrior

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(3) 12X18 Prints: The Goddess Archetype Series


La Bohemia Atelier – Gitana Martinez

Channeled-Handcrafted Spirit Infused Treasures


Spiritual Tool for Personal Development

Crafted with Love

Personalized Custom Made Spirit Mala

Comes with 30 minutes Astrology, Tarotology & Chakra Assessment Session



30 minute: Personalized Mantra Session


Spirit Mala Solstice Collection

Premade Malas

Crafted for the Season


Cleansed in Salt During Waning Moon
Strung On A New Moon for Open Intention

Each One Is Blessed with A Unique Prayer

Currently Available:
Malachite & Mother of Pearl / Coral & Mother of Pearl
Black Tourmaline & Amethyst / Garnet & Labradorite
Watermelon Tourmaline & Green Jasper / Hematite & Aventurine
Coral, Onyx & Malachite / Cherry Quartz & Rhodonite

Some Favorite Recipes

Lapis Lazuli & Mother of Pearl

Malachite & Tiger’s Eye

Green Pearl & Mookite


“I cannot get enough of my Malas!

I was fortunate enough to have gotten two out of my session with Gitana, when I was only expecting one! See, this is the beautiful thing about Gitana, the one she gave me, the Emperor, came through to her without question (the beads, the guidance, the intuition), but the second one, Empress, gently called to her while she was making the first so she secretly made it for me!

So, surprise after a couple weeks with the Emperor, feeling its dense, powerful, warrior energy, she shows up with the Empress. The Empress is light, fluid, magical, communicative and empowers me with adventure and confidence. I literally wake up and ask “who do I want to be today?” – a powerful warrior on a mission or a shifting adventurer tuned into the Universe.

Gitana’s gifts and ability to channel the right beads, artfully cleanse them via ceremony and then imbue them with the resonant value needed by the wearer is beyond words.

The proof is in the results. See for yourself.”

Eric Livingstone

“Gitana and Jivani of Spirit Mala created a beautiful balance of intentional guidance and  loving manifestation.  Gitana supported me in finding clarity in where to focus my energy to benefit my growth and present needs while beading gorgeous Mala to further solidify my intentions and support me throughout this journey.  Jivani weaved powerful mantras to further call in divinity and reprogram my core thought processes.  As I devoted more time to practice my mantras with my Mala, the more my resting mine would seek that space and sacred flow.

Adriana Llanes