Gitana Martinez

Ola! I am Gitana, La Bohemia. I love all things art, magick and transformational… I adore sensual, erotic, beauty-filled healing…  I am at home on cobblestone streets, under desert skies, on open seas and doing cultural bridge building… I am captivated by nature, by my own wilderness and nature-vibration-frequency medicine…  I am passionate about the heart widening, mind expanding, consciousness raising and soul soothing parts of this human condition. I love poetic musings… and getting lost on thoughts of meeting stars like you… (inset wink and sheepish mile)…



“At the core of my work is honoring the intuitive intelligence in all beings and myself. I believe we are all born with an internal compass, a unique wisdom teaching, that guides us to our greatest divine alignment. I approach all my work with deep compassion and I am dedicated to the highest manifestation of each individual. I believe once an individual is connected to their own story of empowerment, they can offer their wisdom in service to the larger whole of our global community. Transformational healing and sustainable stewardship become interdisciplinary practices synonymous to one another, and grounded within the empowerment of each individual on our beautiful planet. Providing individuals with the self-reflective tools, positive mindset exercises and wellness practices to accomplish action plans is my work. Facilitating individuals to become authorities in their own stories, so that larger transpersonal transformation can occur, is my medicine. Doing this work in groups is my dream”

Gitana, La Bohemia

Originally, from the San Fernando Valley of Salvadoran roots, Gitana has traveled extensively, living in eight different countries, integrating various holistic modalities, movement art practices, bodywork therapies, spiritual disciplines and healing techniques into her psycho-spritual counseling practice, movement arts therapy classes and teaching methodology. She is dedicated to the facilitation of each individual’s personal growth and integrative health.

Gitana is a Holistic Therapist and Integrative Coach, that specializes in psychospiritual, natural health, movement arts and non-ordinary states of consciousness. She concentrates in supporting clients to move through personal challenges with the use of mind-body-spirit techniques and creative process. By assisting clients to connect with their own wisdom, she works with them to gain clarity, align to their personal visions, set goals, develop healthy relationships and design holistic lifestyles that support their own empowerment journey. Gitana uses the mediums of karmic and medical astrology, archetypal personal narratives, motivational interviewing, hypnotherapy and indigenous spirituality practices.



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Gitana can be characterized by her insatiable desire to continue to expand her knowledge on holistic therapies and movement arts, that is matched only by her commitment to empower fellow humans to live full, self-determined lives in harmony with their bodies and with the Earth. She is part dancing psychologist, yogi-poet, love savant and inquisitive nomad whose methodology is based on the cosmology that all of life is sacred. Gitana holds a master in Transpersonal Psychology: Emphasis Expressive Arts, and is a Certified Integrative Coach with a private practice in Los Angeles. She has practiced for over fifteen years and loves what she does, and feels blessed to be able to offer individuals nurturing spaces to transform their lives.

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